As the rebuilding of the Ridge begins after the devastating Camp Fire that ravaged our community on November 8th, 2018, there are those who have voiced concern over lowered "stick built" home values-specifically if a manufactured home is placed next door. In real estate terms, stick built refers to an onsite, traditionally built single family residence. This claim is simply not warranted. 

I must disclose that I do, so to speak, have a dog in the fight. I started my real estate career on the Ridge nearly 17 years ago. The Ridge has been an eclectic array of home styles with "stick built" home and manufactured homes intermingled throughout the Ridge. I had never once taken into account the neighbor's style of home when providing a value for a client. But, in writing this article I took the question to an expert in home evaluation-local Lesa Esparza and of of Compass Appraisals in Chico. 

Lesa Esparza has been an appraiser for 11 years and has conducted many appraisals on the Ridge. When asked the question regarding determining value of a subject home this is stick built, would a manufactured home nearby be used as a comparable to give value?-she responded, "no it would not be considered." She further explained in giving value to a stick built home only other stick built homes with the same characteristics are used, for example square footage, age bedrooms and similar bathroom quantities. There can be occasions where to support a given value for a manufactured home that a stick built home could be used to justify the given value for the manufactured home, never the other way around. Neighboring properties come into play with adverse conditions such as living next to a hazardous property or if several neighbor's properties are run dow. This lowering of value would occur whether you're on a street mixed with stick built homes and manufactured or just stick built homes.

In summary, home value is based on your home in comparison to sales of other like kind homes. Stick built to stick built, manufactured to manufactured. Your property will only be affected if your neighbors decide to grow a car gardens and the like.