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Your October Monthly Astrology

 Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019:

During this full moon everyone will experience the feelings of uncertainty forcing you to push yourself to solve problems faster then is natural or healthy. Do not do anything in a rush as if trying to meet a deadline. Try to slow down so that you can decide what you want to do and proceed at your own comfortable pace.

Happy Halloween please enjoy this time of year where the veil is thinner between us and those friends, family and pets who have passed before us. This is the time of the year where it is easier to receive messages from those who have passed. Enjoy these connections with your loved ones.

October 2019


Get rewarded for your integrity this month. When things don't go your way how do you react? It's easy for Aries folks to be impatient (it's because you actually like to get things done!). Instead, be in integrity with yourself by not getting irritated or impatient with yourself or others this month.


It's a wonderful month for you with a full social calendar, everyone wants to see and spend time with you. It's a busy month, so plan on a full month of fulfilling your obligations. Life won't slow down until the end of the month so schedule some downtime whenever possible.


It's time to face your fears head-on. Find a strategy to look a fear in the face and handle it. This will be very uncomfortable now but will bring real peace later. Avoidance will only allow fears to grow.


Seek out mental stimulation; don't let your brains go to mush. Play a game, take a class, read, and wake yourself up by learning. When you're brain dead you feel fuzzy and blah. Learn and you will bring more vigor to your day.


In October it's all about professional growth. What one area can you focus on? Do one small area well and allow yourself to excel. Remember quality over quantity win's the day.


Wonderful creative energy for you to enjoy, follow pursuits that brings you joy. Turn off your computer/TV/phone and take time to write, draw, paint and cook. Creativity brings emotional well-being and peace to your life. Give yourself permission to be creative now.


Happy Birthday month enjoy your celebrations! For Libra's it's all about staying in balance and its different needs at different times. Gift yourself with alone time, playtime, structured work time, self-care and sleep. You deserve to treat yourself well.


Invest in yourself this month. Do you need a personal trainer, new clothes, a class, a new project, a vacation? Investing now in your career, future happiness and health will pay off beautifully.


Ask for that raise. Ask for respect. Ask others to do their share. This month speak out and ask for what you need. You always do more, more, more, now know you are worth it so ask others to treat you well.


Ask for guidance from trusted friends and mentors regarding your personal and work life. Guidance from others to gain a new perspective will be life-changing for you. Get the information you need, and then follow your own instincts to move ahead.


Don't overspend, put money away for a rainy day. Make a budget so you will spend less than you did last month. Go for delayed gratification so you can have financial security. Having a safety net will actually make you feel better than a quick fix to feel instant gratification.


Relationship issues come to a head this month because your partner wants more from you. Be compassionate when you listen and respond to others requests. When you fully listen and respond to them they will be able to reciprocate and listen to your needs too.



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