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Your Monthly Astrology by Margaret of Age of Aquarius

Your monthly Psychic Astrology forecast for September 2019. See what this month looks like in the stars.

What do the stars have planned for you? Whether you want to know what's going to happen with your romance, your career or your life in general, I have your forecast for the month ahead.

Read the sections for both your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the month. For example, if you are a Libra with a Leo Ascendant and Cancer Moon, read the forecast for both Libra, Leo and Cancer to have a bigger picture of your upcoming month.

Here's to a fun, happy, and successful month!


Hello all you Aries pioneers. What a wonderful trait to have as we live through the crisis times and start the process of rebuilding our lives and our community. In September choose one project to work on and finish it! Help others develop a pioneering spirit to see this time as an adventure and not as so much suffering.


Hello all the land loving Taurus folks living on The Ridge. The last months have been very painful to see all the destruction. Taurus you have the ability to just keep plodding along and it is paying off now. In September your key is focusing on your material needs and security. You are able to determine what physical items you really need and move forward making practical decisions.


Hello all you fast thinking Geminis. Because you are great at multitasking this skill has been serving you well. For months how now you have been making  all the many decisions that need to be made as you move forward in your life. In September keep right on multitasking, making decisions and getting your needs met.  Help others get their needs communicated too as you have the ability to think about more than one item at a time. 


Hello all you emotional family oriented Cancers. You have had a full plate these last months with worry about your family and feeling all the emotions of everyone around you. In September I hope you can plan lovely family meals to nourish your family and yourself. Please make family favorite dishes to nurture yourself and those around you.


Hello all you calm in a crisis Leos. There are certainly enough daily crises to keep everyone in this area busy! How are you handling stress that does not let up? In September appreciate yourself by doing something you enjoy, you deserve it!


Hello you practical Virgos. You have been busy getting information and analyzing all the steps for rebuilding your life. Plus in your spare time you are doing practical work to help yourself and your family be cared for as you move forward in your life. With all the activity please take time in September to keep yourself nourished with small easy to digest meals, this will give you the energy needed to keep up the pace.


Hello all you harmonious Libra the last months have been so hard on you. Your love of beauty and harmony has been extremely challenged. In September please find a place that is peaceful and find some soothing music and allow yourself to take time to detox. Its easier for you as a Libra to be creative and accomplish what is necessary if you find time for peace and tranquility for yourself. 


Hello all you transformational Scorpios. You have been having a hard time recently because so much is out of your control. Scorpio does not like loss of control so being angry and sarcastic to others causes you to be self-destructive too. In September decide what you can take control of and apply your ability to work hard,  then you will be transforming your life and be back in control.


Hello all you Sagittarius survivors out there. Thank your lucky stars you are getting through all the change and transformation happening to you and all around you. Sagittarians move and make decisions quicker than the other signs so you have already learned what you need from this crisis and hopefully are back having some fun in your life. In September you can relax and be happy even more!


Hello all you hard working Capricorns. The last months have been very stressful to see all the destruction of structures around you. Capricorns know its a material world and work hard to grow and keep a foundation. In September take a breather from your head-strong focus to replace all your material possessions and really look at what you need . You are rebuilding your life and it can be different then it was before the fire and it will be OK.


Hello all you humanitarian Aquarians. Usually Aquarians are OK with change but all the suffering everyone is experiencing that has come as an aftermath of the crisis has made it hard for you to remain detached. In September look at unorthodox ways to help the community rebuild. Aquarians have non-conformist ideas and those are an important component to be added to the rebuilding process.


Hello all you sensitive Pisces. Life has spun out of control for months and Pisces often end up mimicking the loss of control inside themselves too. In September Pisces please find a way to ground and take care of yourself to release the confusion that has been plaguing you. When you ground you can focus on one small step to help you move forward again.



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